Marketing Assets International - We Will Increase Your Sales 25% to 100%, Guaranteed!!!
Are you looking for Effective Marketing Execution?
Would you like to Have More Sales
Without Spending More Money?
We are your Solution!
Marketing Assets International is a worldwide Marketing, Sales, Training, Public Speaking & Business Consulting Firm.    
We help businesses of all sizes in all industries, on-line and off-line, achieve exponential growth without spending more money on traditional advertising. 
WARNING: Our Marketing System will Increase Your Sales
25% - 100%  Guaranteed!
Consider the facts:
The competition for customers in business is at an all time high. Combine this with the fact that Dun & Bradstreet says over 80% of all businesses fail within the first ten years... This creates a huge mountain to overcome.
So... How is it that some businesses are failing and yet there are some that are creating enormous amounts of profits and time off for their owners?
How do they do it? How can you stack the odds in your favor like they do? More importantly, what do You have to do to join this elite group?
The answer is simple, Effective Marketing Execution!
You too can become a business owner who consistently earns hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit per year, while your businesses marketing operates on autopilot.
Allow us to show you how.
Marketing Assets International  looks and views marketing in a fashion that is different from other Marketing Consultant Firms. That is, we have a System that focuses on leveraging all the "Hidden Marketing Assets" within your company. These are viable sources of  sales that already exist in your business but are underutilized. We focus on uncovering these Marketing Assets.
Our Marketing Assets System optimizes the eight pillars of Marketing that support and drive the profits in a strong business. We will increase the number of prospective customers, their conversion rate to paying customers as well as the value/worth of each customer. This will not only increases your sales, it will provide you with a streamlined system that is easy to administrate.
By reclaiming and redeploying these assets we create new streams of revenues and profits.
Contact us today at 800-241-8301 or 319-214-3020 to schedule your 
Complimentaryno obligation marketing analysis.

For A Lot More Sales!
Marketing Assets International
Specialists In 
"The Execution of Effective Marketing Solutions"
We Are Dedicated to the exponential growth of
Your Bottom Line!
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